Seva Group Foundation- A meaningful way to make a difference

  • Make a difference today and help us provide a brighter future to the less fortunate. Whether it's helping children in need or just giving them the opportunity to thrive and grow, Seva Group Foundation, Orphanage in Noida, is here to help.


    At Seva Group Foundation, our mission is to ensure that every orphan in Noida is provided with the support they need to live happy and healthy lives. Our team of dedicated volunteers and donors work together to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Donate to our cause and be part of something bigger than yourself. With your support, we can provide the young ones with the love and care they deserve at our Orphanage in Noida.


    Make your mark today and help us build a better tomorrow for everyone in Noida. Let's come together as one family and make a lasting impact on these children's lives!