Performance Testing Tool of Tencent

  • Performance Testing Tool: PerfDog is currently the topic of discussion among WeTest's international community of users. You are invited to read the original content and participate in the conversation.


    WeTest Long-term Cooperation Partner Introduction- Korean KOL Han. Users from all over the world use WeTest PerfDog as a performance testing tool. Recently, the WeTest international community started a discussion about performance testing tools throughout all of the world, and YouTube KOLs contributed comments and videos. We'll tell you about another KOL from South Korea in this article who has a long-standing partnership with WeTest PerfDog.


    Technosaurus is a channel on Han-YouTube with 59,200 subscribers that provides in-depth reviews of technical things, including as IT hardware and computer software. He produces numerous films that are centred on these things, including step-by-step instructions and product reviews. With regards to PerfDog, Han has released 11 testing films.


    WeTest PerfDog currently supports testing on all Android and iOS mobile devices, including smartphones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Android emulators. It now supports both PC and switch. Its foundation is a seamless user experience, and it will work to offer more practical operation and thorough, accurate data.