Benefits of Using Tencent Automation Testing Tools

  • Applications known as automation testing tools are created to use automated test scripts to validate functional and non-functional requirements. We are aware of several advantages of automated testing, including its 24/7 availability, reliability, and usability. There are numerous automation testing products on the market right now. Let's now look at the benefits of using WeTest Automation.

    Device Maintenance

    For a high-quality customer experience, WeTest keeps thousands of real iOS/Android device models in the cloud that you can test on the same versions your customers use, and you don't have to maintain them.

    Integrate with Testing Framework

    Support for all native languages and frameworks for mobile test automation. Utilize Appium, Espresso, XCTest/XCUITest, or a customized environment to quickly interact with WeTest.

    Speed Up Test Run

    Speed up your tests. Through parallel test execution on the WeTest cloud, release times can be shortened by more than 10 times.

    Instant Feedback

    Use device logs, text logs, case information, device sessions, videos, and images for each test run to immediately debug your apps.

    Unbreakable Security

    Every build is kept on our secure servers. The instrument goes through a cleaning process following each test session. We remove applications, wipe user data, and reset settings created during the test session on the device throughout this procedure.

    Powerful REST API

    WeTest offers users a strong and practical API to manage mobile automation tests. You can access our device farm, test runs, test results, and schedule tests for CI/CD integration via the Rest API.