How Much Does it Cost to Play Games on Doge Chain

  • It is an undeniable fact that blockchain has a plethora of uses of which gaming is part. On the blockchain, every single event that happens is marketed as a transaction. Whereas some may be free and wishful, some do cost very much. This was one main reason that fueled the ICO bubble in 2017. So many coins were being developed as alternatives to Bitcoin in terms of transaction costs, speed and scalability. The discourse on how much it costs to perform blockchain transactions or execute smart contract commands will continuously be a hot topic in the ecosystem. Applying these same principles to blockchain gaming, users may want to consider costs of playing games. Doge chain is a popular crypto network that hosts several blockchain games as well. How much will it cost the average user to play games on Doge Chain? This article will throw more light on that.


    Blockchain Activities and Transactions May Come with Fees

    As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, incurring costs in the crypto space happens through the activities performed. One may send a message, send money (crypto), buy NFTs or perform any crypto transaction and that may cost the user some amount. However, the blockchain network you use greatly influences the amount you will pay for the transactions. For those who are using Doge Chain on a regular basis, transactions are charged in Dogecoins and are very low when compared with other networks. Not long ago during the rise of DEX trading and IDO Launchpads, people were paying hundreds of dollars just to ensure their transactions go through and that contributed to higher fees and costs in making ETH transactions. For those who play games on Doge chain, sending your NFTs or trading them, sending out DOGE tokens will occur via the Doge Chain which costs very minimal.


    Cost of Purchasing a Game

    The cost of purchasing any of the games on Doge Chain is typically in the form of Dogecoin, the native cryptocurrency of the Doge Chain. The cost can vary depending on the game, with some games being free to play, while others may require a one-time purchase or a subscription fee. For example, Cyber arena which is a popular game on Doge Chain has free to play access, providing users with P2E rewards. Other Doge Chain based games like DogeMiner and DogeAdventure are free to play, while Doge Escape requires players to purchase the game with Dogecoin. It is important to note that the cost of Dogecoin can fluctuate greatly, depending on the market conditions, so the cost of a game in Dogecoin can also change and that will affect the costs involved.


    Playing the game itself

    Aside from making daily transactions and the potential costs of buying a game, the cost of playing a games on Doge chain can also vary depending on the game. There are some games where users are able to earn by playing games (P2E). Severa games on Doge chain have these features. In effect, playing such games will make it cost less for the user because the user has the opportunity to earn more on the platform by playing games and participating in some activities. In one of the trending games on Doge Chain, Cyber Arena, users get the chance to participate in tournaments and earn rewards. In the token economy, it is indicated that 50% of all tournament participants will receive rewards. Other games based on Doge Chain have these unique token economies as well, and that helps game players to accumulate income while they play games.



    In conclusion, blockchain has several use cases and one of them includes being able to develop games on them. One particular blockchain that has been the choice of gamers and developers is Doge Chain. The cost of playing games on Doge chain can vary depending on the specific game and the platform it is hosted on. The cost of purchasing a game is mostly in the form of Dogecoin, and the cost of playing a game can vary depending on the game and its in-game economy. Additionally, there are transaction fees that need to be paid on the Doge chain, which can vary depending on the network congestion and the amount of Dogecoin being sent. It's important to take note that the cost of Dogecoin can fluctuate greatly, and so does the cost of playing games on Doge Chain.