How To Select the Right Tool Set For Flatbed Load Securement?

  • Choosing the right toolset for load securement is an important factor in ensuring the safety of shipments and preventing damage. Whether you are an owner operator, a fleet driver shipping goods for a flatbed trucking company, or a hotshot truck driver looking to move many items from one place to another, selecting the right tools for your job can help ensure that your cargo arrives quickly and safely.


    Before selecting a toolset for load securement, several important factors must be considered. Firstly, you should consider the type of cargo you will be securing – different loads require different tools. You should also consider the cargo's size and weight; larger or heavier equipment requires a larger transport chain and higher working load limit (WLL) securement device.


    When selecting specific tools, focus on quality rather than cost – buying less expensive products could cost you more in the long run due to frequent replacements due to wear and tear or damage incurred during transit. On the other hand, quality products initially cost more but should last longer and offer superior protection against any hazards during transit or storage.

    Popular Tool for Load Securement


    DeWalt Tool Set


    The DeWalt Tool Bag Set is a must-have for anyone looking to take their flatbed load securement to the next level. It contains everything you need to operate the REVOLOK 6600 with ease, including a DEWALT 20V MAX Lith-Ion right angle drill bare tool, two 5.0AH lithium-ion batteries, and a charger with space for additional tools.


    The set also includes a DEWALT tool bag plus 1/4′ hex to 1/2″ drive impact socket adapter, 1″ 1/2″DR SAE 6pt socket, Stanley 1/2″ Pear Head Ratchet, and Interlok Amplifier – perfect for flatbed securement. With so many tools in one convenient package, the DeWalt Tool Bag Set is essential to any serious truck driver's arsenal of equipment.


    Torque Binders


    Torque drive binders are a must-have for flatbed truck drivers that require safe, secure, and fast tensioning. Their unique design makes them an easy choice, offering faster chain securement than any other type of load binder. Adaptable to almost any cargo, torque drive binders are an ideal cargo securement tool for flatbed trailers, lowboys trailers, gooseneck trailers, and much more.


    With the ability to actuate using a battery drill, physical cranking is no longer required. The torque drive binders have a small profile that makes them comfortable to handle and fit in tight spaces most load binders can't.


    Finally, remember that using load securement tools correctly is just as important as choosing them carefully to ensure the safe transportation of cargo. Always read through instructions before use, store equipment properly when not in use, and make sure that any regulations relating to transportation (for example, those specified by FMCSA) are followed when securing cargo.


    With these tips in mind, anyone should be able to find the perfect tool set for their needs without compromising on quality or safety standards.