The Art of Guest Blogging and How It Can Improve Your Visibilit

  • All webmasters are looking for more ways to build high quality, relevant links to their websites. While more traditional forms of link building like making article and directory submissions and submitting press releases can be effective, they are also quite likely to result in relatively low authority links and as such, it can take a great deal more effort and longer term strategy on the part of the webmaster before such strategies begin to yield results.


    What's more, Google is increasingly on the lookout for a diverse link profile and as such it's to the webmaster's benefit to begin building links from a diverse range of sources including articles, press releases, directories, blogs, commenting, social submissions and more.


    Guest Blogging is one such strategy that can yield beneficial results for webmasters and it's often the case that just one link from an authoritative blog can drive more value to a website than tens or article or directory submissions.


    The first thing you need to do is search for guest blogging opportunities. daddy long legs spiritual meaning Google generally prefers to see backlinks from relevant websites so begin compiling a list of blogs that are relevant to your particular niche, in particular blogs that host guest bloggers already, and then submit a piece of content to the webmaster with a view to obtaining a guest blogging spot.


    The easiest way to find guest blogging spots iis to use advanced search operators link inurl or the site command e.g. Search Engine Optimisation inurl:guest post". These types of queries will make it far easier to locate a list of targeted prospects to who you can submit your content for consideration.


    When writing your guest post it's important to avoid being self-promotional - you stand a far better chance at getting your content accepted if you offer actual valuable information in one of your posts. It goes without saying that the post you submit should be of the best quality, a good marker for consideration is to look at the content as if you were about to post it on your own site.


    If it doesn't meet the standards you set for your website then don't expect someone else to publish it on theirs. Finally, send you guest post with everything included, don't make the webmaster come back to your for hyperlinks and make sure there are no factual errors or anything of the sort contained in the content.