I really agree buy classic wow gold that there ought to

  • I really agree buy classic wow gold that there ought to be some minor changes. The fact there have been vanilla private servers for so many decades now some players who come are gonna be 60 in two weeks and start killing the game supervisors inside the first month. That will ruin the experience it'll remove from WoW Classic for many. I truly don't think there is much to stop this besides other gamers playing their function with slowing peoples progress down via world pvp. Although I do feel they need to change some of the set items to benefit different specs seeing as how they have the"time/ability" to do this now. It literally can be so minor such as 40+ ap instead of 40+ healing you know just enough to make it viable to use different specs it'd make it a much more refreshing experience overdue game imo.

    You got it kind of wrong with"tweaking amounts" to alter class equilibrium. You dont bring a ret pally since they dont have any dps ability. Buffing their"numbers" without changing their class design won't work for example because ret paladins really scale incredibly well with gear. But their problem is they are simpely auto attacking and receiving oom. Yes I understand that it would be possible to change it they are less poor and can compete . But at what prices. Todo this so many small changes would have to be made the authentic vanilla exerience will be missing. Also you're somewhat in proper once you claim that there'll be no ret pallys / oomkins / non healer shamans and so forth.

    Trust me they will be there and they'll be a plague to high end guilds and thats why those courses will not be there. And one last thing. Its not bad for top raiding guilds to not bring the less desireable classes. Thats how competitive guilds works even in retailstores. You dont attract many or any of those specs which does worse. And sure class balance in retail is a lot better. I dont need a single change to course balance whatsoever especially not"just the numbers" because that would change everything.

    To me the rhetoric shows your used to all the modifications WOW has wow classic gold over the last few years and understandably to some degree people are concerned about how it will perform. WoW Classic's RPG roots are much better. All the other RPG's I love do not permit 3 and 2 distinct spec options. Priests heal and Warriors have both


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