I believe it's going wow classic gold to be a fantastic

  • I believe it's going wow classic gold to be a fantastic while before WoW Classic becomes rancid. I played WoW Classic, from launching but TBC. I never tanked or healed, and I just set foot in MC once, which was my entire raid experience. The only thing I did that I was kind of"proud" of, was getting both dal'rend swords in my rogue. For me this will be a opportunity to experience WoW Classic again, but this time with much more skill and knowledge of what im doing, in all the regions that I either never got around to, or wasnt aware of. And that I mostly play older games, Supreme Commander(2007), Age of Empires 2(1999), Red Alert 2(2000) and sometimes Heroes of might and magic 3(1999). To me these matches are classic WoW Classics whom I keep returning to, and I hope WoW Classic will become one of these:-RRB-?

    As mentioned previously WoW Classicast, many no-changes individuals wouldnt mind when they balanced a few things a bit, the problem is that with so a lot of folks, so many opinions, its far"safer" to just make one larger community around no changes so it isnt like. . You changed this now you need to change this too. Its also much safer to blizzard, since every change is a danger to provoke a riot as possible. No changes is just the safe course of action. The little in the end wondering if Blizzard does the logical thing, lets be fair, Activision-Blizzard arent really very good at logical conclusions recently.

    I think classes should be altered after some months of Naxx releasing, they then can make a reset, kinda like D3 does with seasons, and then allow players redo everything again but using new course changes and all, let people encounter WoW Classic themselves hand once more since if Blizzard makes class changes in the Go people will start bitching and say that everything was great with how WoW Classic was initially, individuals can experience how some courses were and they could see why Blizzard decided to alter or enhance from those classes and let them perform the changes as well.

    Fans of WoW Classic need to check out the success of Old School Runescape and consider classic wow gold the way that WoW Classic taking the same approach will likely benefit in the same manner. It may be new content, but all of it is in line with the doctrine of this older game, so it is accepted. WoW Classic as a sandbox would possibly be the best MMO to exist. I believe that would give us nostalgia, as I think most of us played WoW as a sandbox if we were kids anyway.


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