What does VIN mean?

  • The VIN (vehicle identification number) is also called the chassis number. In the vast majority of cases, it is assigned by the vehicle manufacturer, but in the case of homemade cars or cars that have lost the VIN number, the situation is different, because then we have to contact the district office for the chassis number.
    Attention! A VIN identification number is not required for vehicles first registered before 1995 and for motorcycles first registered before 2003, agricultural tractors, slow-moving vehicles, trailers designed to tow these vehicles, as well as vehicles with a body/chassis number. assigned and stamped in accordance with separate rules.

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    What does VIN mean?
    The VIN consists of three parts. What are they reporting?
    the first, the so-called WMI (3 characters). Thanks to it, you can determine the region and the name of the car manufacturer. The first two symbols denote the manufacturer's region (the letters are assigned to a specific country), and the next two denote the manufacturer;
    the second, the so-called VDS (6-digit). It determines the type and characteristics of the vehicle, and the encoding method in this case depends on the manufacturer. It may contain information about the design and type of body;
    the third, the so-called VIS (8 characters). This is where the unique number of a specific instance of the car is assigned (this may include information, for example, about the type of drive or engine).
    How to check the VIN number of the car?
    The VIN number is always indicated in the vehicle registration document in column "E". It can also be found in the car . Where? It depends on the manufacturer, but the most common places are: