How to get the adventure of Dubai desert safari

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    Of all the attractions of Dubai, it is best to leave the town on a Dubai desert safari for a fun evening of adventure, dance and food. There are dozens of companies that offer this functionality, but they are all the same. Here is a general idea of ​​what to expect on your safari.

    Desert-Safari-Second Pet-Dancer

    Bus and 4 × 4 bus to travel
    Depending on which company you are booking with, your safari will start somewhere in Dubai. A large tour bus or a small van will take you to the desert - just 20 miles away. About two or three dozen safari camps have been set up, many of which are used by tour companies. Thankfully, the desert sand dunes prevent you from seeing the neighborhood camps, so it becomes a truly unique and different experience.

    When the bus leaves you on the side of the highway, a 4x4 team waits to take you on your next adventure. These are no ordinary 4x4s - there are thousands of dollars worth of upgrades that allow you to travel at high speeds over sand dunes. They will take you on a wild ride to your camp on the dunes ... with some jumps, slides and maybe a roll. I saw more than 4 × 4 on its edge or the wheel exploded - no worries, everyone was safe.

    Dubai Desert-Safari-4X4s

    Camel rides and quad bikes
    When you arrive at the camp, several activities are waiting for you before you go through the entrance. Most camps have camel rides and quad bikes - both no less. Quad bike tracks are not that big, but they are a lot of fun, slipping on the sand. Camel riding may be questionable as an eco-friendly activity, but I personally see it as horse riding using local livestock breeders. Maybe even a hawk or two. You can request a photo opportunity and more cash.

    Dubai Desert-Safari-Camel Ride

    Swapros dining system
    Once you get to the camp walls, they already have a buffet set, though the course will be just snacks - delicious pastries, sweet potato fries and more. The whole course usually falls between the second and third dances. . The serving for dinner varies according to the camp and the quality also varies. You can probably expect some meat dishes, some pasta dishes, a variety of salads, pastries and so on. Drinks are usually not included. Depending on the day you visit, you may be able to get alcoholic beverages (they are not offered during the holidays).

    Dubai Desert-Safari-Oasis

    A part of dance
    The best part of the evening so far is dancing. I do not know if all the evening desert safari in Dubai are the same, so I will only describe where I went. The first dance is for the belly dancer. Not as provocative as I have seen in Morocco or elsewhere, but she is still impressive. The second dance is my favorite. It’s called the Tanora Dance and basically takes about 10 minutes for a dancer to spin, but she changes her clothes, opens the umbrellas, stretches around her skirt and many other movements, each of which moves my mind. Blew up. The last dance was Fire Dancer and I saw it well on the beaches of Thailand, not that he wasn’t great.


    Booking Dubai Dessert Safari
    The Dubai Desert Safari starts at around $ 40 and lasts for at least 4-5 hours, unless you book overnight safaris. I still love my Moroccan desert safari, but if you are visiting Dubai, the safari is definitely a must have in your office.