About the Trip of desert Safari To Know

  • Start your tour with the dessert safari Abu Dhabi
    Follow in the footsteps of Bedouins and follow the secret land. Bedouin automobiles are still remembered in the desert today. There is no diversity in these activities, this barren land is still a complete proposal. The activities were terrible, including the dunes riding on the mound wagon; Overnight with delicious BBQs and live belly dancing. Needless to say what is waiting for you, but to bow your head to you, you all bathe with all the thrill and pleasure at the same time.

    Safari removes Devas and can lock anyone
    Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Deals! Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Deal Cheap package to see the magnificent city of Abu Dhabi and the enchanting Dubai Desert. This combo is our tour package, it is the best for all types of travelers. Your tour will begin when we pick you up. Then we go to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. You will love this drive where charm, passion and creativity are hidden. Your first stop is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. As a tour operator in the UAE, we visit your city in a convenient and orderly manner. Our expert drivers will tell you the details of each attraction you visit, which will help you enjoy your trip to the best of your ability.

    More dessert in Abu Dhabi
    Experience the wonderful cuisine, culture and cuisine of the Middle East in its desert Abu Dhabi. With all your comforts to complete these experiences, you will head to Bedouins on the Abu Dhabi desert sands. Take a camel ride on the gentle slopes of the sand or hop on four wheels for some adrenaline-pumping dune buggy rides. For those tubs that climb to the bottom, you can also hold a board. Your Abu Dhabi desert safari will also turn off gourmet cuisine, with local artists making the occasion even more memorable with belly-dancing and traditional music.