China Visi Cooler-Powerful Performance

  •   China visi cooler can be used in parlors, traditional ice cream parlors, snack bars, restaurants, and other places looking for high-quality visi cooler.Imported refrigeration unit, stable performance, high refrigeration efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

      Available in freezer, refrigerated, ambient or heated versions. China Visi Cooler have lower storage shelf.Environmental LED lamp system inside, beautiful, environmental protection and excellent presentation.This same light seems to lift the entire glass top freezer off the ground, thanks to the backlit base that reduces in size from top to bottom.

      Transparent organic glass door opened ahead, Glass Top Freezer has good adiabatic performance, effective reduction of surface condensation and good perspective.We believe in success of our company lies in the hand of our client, when our foundation is created with support of satisfied and happy successful clients.