China Visi Cooler-Large Capacity, Energy Saving, Beautiful

  •   A China Visi Cooler allows you to keep a variety of drinks at the ready, whether it’s for the purpose of entertaining or just to have on hand.China visi cooler come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.This China visi cooler has four full-width glass shelves, making it easy to arrange.It adds convenience and luxury to your parties, in or out.

      A China visi cooler is a convenient way to keep your soda at the proper temperature and limit the need for creative stacking in your main China visi cooler.There are specific features you need to look out for before you make any purchase.Putting it in the dining room will make serving drinks convenient and free up space in the glass top freezer.

      Glass Top Freezer that are great for everywhere! We have great glass top freezer for indoor or outdoor use and are awesome for sodas, wine or beer!A glass top freezer can become a great addition to your apartment design or travel plans.There are no more excuses for having warm soft drinks and wine.Its recessed glass door is reversible for flexible placement, and the cooler is equipped with a lock and key.