China Visi Cooler-Comfortable Temperature

  •   China Visi Cooler provide frozen storage for establishments that need cold storage beyond what freezer portions of refrigerators can offer.This China visi cooler's glass lid ensures maximum product visibility and boasts convenient handles that make it easy to slide open and grab a product.If you're storing items that must be kept at an exact temperature, look for a China visi cooler with an adjustable thermostat.

      China visi coolers are an economical option for operators who don't need to display their ice cream to customers.It has high quality refrigeration system that maintains chamber temperature.They can be used to implement those offerings into a checkout line or to glass top freezer important products in a grocery store.

      Glass Top Freezer intended for self-service applications generally are finished with a vinyl exterior, most commonly white or black.Glass top freezer with sliding curved glass doors for ice cream and frozen food promotion.The most common use of a deep freezer for restaurants is the glass top freezer, which merchandises packaged ice cream and frozen novelties.