How to get Entrepreneur Visa Extension with the help of immigra

  • The tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension is for the people who are not Europeans and are entrepreneurs and also are interested in investing or settling up in the U.K. This type of visa is given to the people who are interested in starting a new business with their office in the host country. 


    Some of those entrepreneurs can be:


    1. A single trader or businessman

    2. A partnership firm (made according to law and legally)

    3. Or even a registered company under the home country laws. 


    There are a few requirements financially that are required to be fulfilled. All the documents of the businesses financial in which the profit or loss of the company or business is shown or maintained should be presented while applying for the visa. Because at least of 200,000 pounds should be owned by you or the business you are pitching should value for this much at least then only you will get a way to enter the u.k. through this visa type. 


    The following are some of the requirements of the Entrepreneur Visa Extension, which are being told or informed by the immigration solicitors london in order to make the process of applying and getting the visa of entrepreneurs more easy as well as more smooth. 


    Here are those requirements:


    1. The seed funding amount of 20000 pounds is required.

    2. The proper financials of the company or business are also required. 

    3. Professional proficiency in the english language 

    4. Documents of registrations of the business. 

    5. Proof that the person is free from any kind of the criminal or any other offences.


    Now you might ask the immigration solicitors london that what is the cost of the tier 1 entrepreneur visa extension? Right. 


    The tier 1 entrepreneur visa extension might cost you around 1200 to 1300 pounds. Initially the entrepreneur visa is being given for 40 months and once this period is completed then the time period of the visa is extended for the 3 to 4 years. The processing of the whole process of the visa might differ from the service to service basis, which means if you take the premium service by paying extra money then the processing will be done faster and if the person opt for normal and non premium service then the processing will be steady. Solicitors or lawyers will give the best advice for it.