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How to save on car transport services in Gurgaon?

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    September 22, 2022 6:43 AM EDT

    Relocation is a beautiful and welcome change. It has been observed that car owners relocate their goods by truck or with the assistance of a moving company, but they prefer to take their four-wheeler along by riding it to the next point. It's where the drill and risks come. Long-distance driving may be a shortcut to illness and troubles, considering the poor condition of Indian roads and traffic. Therefore, one must approach professionals offering top-notch car transportation services in Gurgaon to get their vehicle delivered successfully and promptly.  As far as affordability is concerned, continue reading to save on shipping costs: 


    1. Be punctual and clever - Begin your search for an auto shipping company well in advance. Approach five or more auto transporters for price and service comparison. You can make the situation a win-win with multiple quotes. 

    2. Avoid shipping in peak hours - Consider shipping your four-wheeler during off-peak hours, such as winter, mid-week, and mid-month, for affordable shifting. 

    3. Move the car through rail - Trains are a way better transportation means as far as affordability matters. There are two options available to choose from - Luggage and Parcel. On the one hand, package services are way cheaper, and on the other, with the luggage option, you can get your four-wheeler at the designated point as soon as the train arrives. You can approach moving experts who offer a complete door-to-door auto shipping facility by train. 


    Factors influencing the cost of car shipping 

    Distance, model, moving time and season, type of vehicle container, insurance cost, etc., are crucial and cost-influencing factors in determining car and bike transport charges in Gurgaon. Average car and bike shipping cost range between INR 4000 and INR 80000 and INR 2000 and INR 15,500 respectively for a distance up to 1900 km. 


    Bottom Line 

    We hope you found the article worth your time. Keep these tips when approaching auto transporters to get a handsome deal.