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TMT Test for Heart: why is the checkup done, normal range

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    December 26, 2022 10:08 AM EST

    The treadmill ECG stress test (TMT) is a recommended component of health check packages for asymptomatic individuals in order to identify disorders at an early stage that can prevent or lower morbidity and mortality in the future. The average sensitivity and specificity of the TMT test are 68% and 77%, respectively. In this article, learn about the TMT test for the heart, why it is done, and the normal range of TMT for people.

    A safe, non-invasive, and reasonably priced screening procedure for the identification of coronary artery disorders is the treadmill stress test, or TMT (CAD). For those who have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems, it is a crucial diagnostic procedure. You will be able to assess your health state more accurately now that you are aware of what a TMT test is, who the ideal test candidates are, and what the results of the test report signify.