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What are the features of BEP20 token development?

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    January 4, 2023 7:40 AM EST
    • Token cap


    The quantity of tokens that will be created is predetermined. As a result, the user who can acquire tokens can be assured that no more tokens will be generated than the stated amount.


    • Token creation


    You will be allowed to create tokens if and when necessary as a token owner. If you want to inflate the token value, you can also cease creating tokens.


    • Token burning


    If you want to lower the circulating supply of our BEP-20 tokens, you can choose to burn them.


    • Compatible tokens


    The tokens we create will be fully compliant with the standard BEP20 token and adaptable, with names that may be changed, symbols, and the number of decimals specified.


    • Role-based access


    The admin and minter roles' addresses can be changed whenever the token folder sees fit.


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