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What are the features of Coinmarketcap Clone?

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    January 17, 2023 7:12 AM EST

    The CoinmarketCap Clone Script is a ready-to-use copy of the original script that features an innovative algorithm that provides real-time market information for each and every crypto coin.

    • Newsletter


    Users who choose this option won't miss any important app updates, interesting articles, or special events. Additionally, you won't ever pass up the opportunity to go to these events.


    • Date Calendar


    This tool will keep you updated on conferences, summits, trade exhibitions, and other global crypto-related events.


    • Favorite Coins


    Users can use this feature to save a selection of coins that they believe to be the most risky option for them. Additionally, they will be able to monitor the currencies that have caught their attention.


    • Top Risers


    This feature will make it simple for the administrators to compile a list of the digital currencies that are moving the fastest, allowing brokers to quickly identify bull markets.


    • Day/Night Switch


    Users of our CoinmarketCap clone can change between day and night with just one check thanks to this functionality.


    • Glossary of Cryptography


    Users will be able to obtain comprehensive definitions of words associated with cryptographic currency with the use of this function.


    • Calculator and currency-converting software


    To determine the relative value of two different types of cryptographic currency, this feature makes use of the built-in online mini-computer.


    • Top fallers


    This function allows administrators to compile a list of the many kinds of digital currency that are depreciating swiftly. Therefore, dealers should have little issue identifying potential dangers.


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