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10L Rotary Evaporator manufacturers

  • February 7, 2023 12:07 AM EST

    10L Rotary Evaporator manufacturers Our History ZHENGZHOU HEDUYINGTU ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a professional laboratory related product supplier. We exported goods to more than 120 countries around the world.we are a diversified group company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. One of the technology groups with independent legal personality. Headquartered in Zhengzhou, China. Our Factory As a global supplier of precision laboratory instruments, chemical instruments and testing instruments, we use a dust-free workshop to ensure the quality of our products! At the same time, we have reached in-depth cooperation with many excellent enterprises in the industry. Every year, we will launch new products, upgrade old model instruments, and have great advantages in OEM or customizing according to customers' needs. Our Product Main products: laboratory instruments, laboratory heating equipment. I. Laboratory instruments 1. Basic instruments and equipment used in various laboratories 1.1 Temperature control equipment such as refrigerator, incubator, drying oven, vacuum drying oven,muffle furnace, etc. 1.2 Vacuum pump It used for various supporting equipment requiring vacuum, such as rotary evaporator, vacuum incubator, vacuum filter device, etc. 1.3 Cleaning equipment such as steam sterilizer, ethylene oxide sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. 1.4 Pure water equipment such as deionizer or pure water machine 1.5 Balance 1.6 Pipette 2. Biological / Chemical / Pharmaceutical laboratories 2.1 mixing equipment It used for dispersing and homogenizing, such as mixer, rotator,shaker,magnetic mixer, mechanical mixer, dispersing machine, ultrasonic homogenizer, etc 2.2 Operation worktops, such as biosafety cabinet, glove box, clean Benche, etc 2.3 Centrifugal instruments various centrifuges, distinguish according to speed, temperature and rotor. 2.4 Separation and purification Such as various rotary evaporators 2.5 Synthesis reaction Such as various reaction kettles 2.6 Gene amplification instrument It used for gene amplification, so trace amounts of the substance can be detected. 2.7 Analytical instruments Such as photometer, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph and thin layer chromatograph. 3. Water analysis laboratory 3.1 Titrator 3.2 Water quality parameter measuring instrument Such as pH meter, TDS meter, etc 3.3 Chemical oxygen analyzer and biological oxygen analyzer 3.4 Water analysis tester (optical) 3.5 Turbidimeter 3.6 flow injection analyzer 4. Food laboratory 4.1 Fat analyzer 4.2 Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer 4.3 Colorimeter 4.4 Aflatoxin analyzer 4.5 pesticide residue analyzer 4.6 heavy metal analyzer 5. Physical Laboratory 5.1 Zeeman effect apparatus 5.2 Speed of light analyzer 5.3 laser particle sizer 5.4 XRF analyzer II. Laboratory heating equipment 1. Electromagnetic hot water boiler 2. Electromagnetic steam boiler Product Application The involved products of our company are throughout the universities, research institutes, factories and enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical, inspection, agriculture, food, super, metallurgical mining, construction, petroleum and other industries, products with superior performance. Based on fast attentive service, great value, exports many countries and regions through the trading company, our products are alike by domestic and foreign merchants. In the production process, we strictly enforce product manufacturing requirements. And we've established a complete quality management system, so the product quality has a reliable guarantee. Our Services Our products cover universities, research institutes, factories and enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical, inspection, agriculture, food, supermarkets, metallurgical mines, construction, petroleum, highways, bridges and other industries. Based on excellent performance, fast and thoughtful service, and great value, our products are well recognized by domestic and foreign merchants. In the production process, we strictly implement product manufacturing requirements. And we have established a complete quality management system to ensure reliable product quality.10L Rotary Evaporator manufacturers website: