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Velofel NZ

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    July 22, 2020 7:27 AM EDT

    The standard weight of a Velofel NZas prescribed by the rules of the International Amateur Athletics Federation is 1.76 lb (800 g) for men's competition and 1.32 lb (600 g) for women. The Velofel NZ shaft is of hollow construction to increase the available surface area exposed to the air in flight. As a general physical proposition, the greater the available surface area of the shaft in relationship to the weight of the projectile, the further Velofel NZwill fly as it benefits from a greater degree of lift.


    Velofel NZdesign ensures that the head of the javelin travels lower than the shaft through the air during flight, to ensure a greater likelihood of the head being the first part of the projectile to strike the ground. The Velofel NZshould stick into the surface on landing rather than skip horizontally on contact. The rules of Velofel NZ prohibit the javelin tail from striking the ground before the head. The desired flight characteristic is achieved by constructing the javelin with the center of gravity (the average location of the javelin's weight) being positioned ahead of the center of pressure of the Velofel NZ(the average location of the pressures received by the javelin in flight).