Team Building Workshops - Retail Training Workshops

  • Join our team building workshops to unlock the potential of your retail teams without "Death by PowerPoint" checkout our unique Retail Training Workshops.


    Team Building Workshop


    Get your team energised, focused and engaged with our workshops that have a lasting impact!


    Motivated and happier people; better business.


    We unleash the greatest potential of your retail teams, through our industry leading team building workshops.


    What  can you expect to enjoy? Firstly, we kick-off with a fun activity. This  is to WAKE the senses and get everybody present, not only in body, but  in mind too.


    How often have you gone into a meeting or 'another training session' only to be distracted with your everyday activities?


    You  fail to be truly present, which means, you fail to uptake the  information. By kicking off with a SHOCK the teams are fully engaged and  the immersion begins.


    We then move into team building activities,  thought provoking mindset mastery methods, up-skilling on core  competencies and practical ways to instil resilience, growth mindset and  confidence creation. Confident teams sell more! Fact.


    As we move through your selected team building workshop, 2 things will start to happen.


    Your  team members each become activated. This activation is the secret sauce  any company needs in order to get to the next -level, which is  acceleration. Acceleration with sales, customer service, teamwork and  standards.


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