Virtual Assistants May Actually Hurt Your Business

  • My motto is and always will be: "Do what you love and subcontract the rest!"

    Now that it is an easy premise for me, but what really does it mean for the entrepreneur who needs continuous assistance to build and grow your business?

    As owner of a business, he realizes that managing a business, whether a traditional brick and mortar business or an online effort is one of the more things that can be thought. Your life, as you knew, changed dramatically at the time you worked on your own. Being your own boss and enjoying creative freedom is for many, a dream come true. But honestly, how many hours has spent in boring work, little inspiring and that requires a lot of time to maintain a business in operation? In all areas, entrepreneurs of all descriptions describe the greatest inconvenience in their business life such as the drainage of daily minutiae that chew hours and drain creativity how to setup contracts for a virtual assistant.

    As owner of a business, you end up using multiple hats. You are your own accounting department, marketing department, sales, technical support and customer service. In especially bad weeks, you may spend more time in these tasks than in real real work.

    Hiring a virtual assistant, someone who can take care of things for which he does not have time, can help him build and grow his business while retaining the creative passion that launched him into entrepreneurship in the first place. You can now find virtual assistants that offer almost any service with which you may need help, from administrative to social media marketing to web design.

    If your business is in your childhood, or if you have a very limited budget, you may be considering outsource of this work to other countries. At this point, especially if you have read the 4 -hour work week of Tim Ferris, you may be thinking of hiring a virtual assistant on the high seas, probably based in India or the Philippines. You can find many of these "virtual assistants" on, and similar sites. You can also find them by doing a simple Google search using the term "Virtual Assistant on the high seas".

    Vas Offshore can offer a wide variety of services, including some very technical, such as web design. And his rates are incredibly low compared to his colleagues in the United States and Canada. It is not uncommon to publish an RFQ in Elance and receive offers with rates as low as $ 3 per hour. Virtual attendees in the US. And Canada, on the other hand, establish their rates at an average of $ 30-35 per hour and some reach up to $ 70 per hour, depending on their main powers.

    Given these very different rates, making a decision seems obvious. Choose a goes on the high seas and save time and money, right? You can feel a guilty stab to send work abroad, but then you must think about what is best for your business, right?

    It has absolutely correct: the interests of your business should be your highest priority. That is exactly the reason why the "obvious" option, based solely on cost differences, may not be good for your business and can actually damage it.

    Most of the business books of the best selling and the upper search articles on the subject will be eloquent on all the potential benefits of cheap labor abroad. But look for "Outsourcing offshore problems," deepens of Elance's reviews and talk to other business owners who tried this option and begins to obtain a more balanced image

    Most complaints about suppliers in the high seas in general and virtual attendees in particular mention issues such as language and cultural barriers; inadequate communications of suppliers; lack of experience or specific skills, especially when it comes to creative services; outstanding cost and time; lack of project continuity and process; and need for close and continuous supervision.

    While some services can be suitable for subcontracting on the high seas, others simply are not. Consider content creation: all these articles, press releases, blog posts, newsletters that companies now use as part of their marketing. Even if, and it is a great yes, the content is grammatically correct, there is still the problem of relevance. It is not realistic to expect a virtual assistant on the high seas to communicate effectively with the target audience that are distant in terms of geography, language and culture.


    Costs and excesses of time are not exclusive to suppliers in the high seas. But they become much more difficult to control when combined with inappropriate communications and cultural barriers. If you choose a virtual assistant on the high seas, you must make sure you communicate early, often and establish your concerns or applications very clearly, all of which you can take a long time.

    Another very common complaint is the amount of nearby supervision, if not scrutiny, which is required when working with attendees on the high seas. Of course, even if you hire a local VA, you may have to have a little hand at the beginning, just for your assistant to learn the ins and outs of your business and management style. But any nearby supervision beyond this adjustment period defeats all the purpose of hiring virtual help. Keep in mind that he who decides to work, ultimately, will help him build and grow both his business and his online presence. A highly technical and highly competent virtual assistant is actually associated with you to help you meet and overcome your commercial expectations. He should be able to have full confidence that his VA is dealing with his business in the same way as his own business. As if it were the most precious thing in the world!

    The extremely low rate of services on the high seas is the reason behind another commonly cited problem. Virtual attendees who charge such low rates earn money in volume. With hundreds and even thousands of customers and projects, they simply do not have time to ask all questions, review the alternatives and advise you on the best ways to handle specific tasks. Another problem is that they work mainly on unique projects. For example, instead of dealing with a single project manager for all their tasks or projects, you can end up communicating with several people.

    This is exactly the opposite of how the most paid virtual attendees approach the work of their clients. Although many accept occasional projects, they build their businesses around continuous work with a handful of customers. These virtual attendees go beyond simply completing the tasks assigned to them. They approach each task while maintaining the biggest image, the commercial objectives of their customers, in mind. As owners of small businesses, they relate especially well to their customers' concerns.

    On the other hand, they are on the high seas, they are mostly employees of virtual assistance companies. It is simply not realistic to expect an employee in India to really understand the problems facing the owner of a business in the United States or Canada.

    We all look for bargains. Keeping low costs definitely helps maintain a healthy final result. But when looking for a virtual assistant, the owner of a business must remember that a VA is much more than simply an implemer and that the price and value are not the same. There are potentially many hidden costs and lost opportunities that hide behind a low rate offered by virtual attendees on the high seas.