How to fix the restore failed error in QuickBooks?

  • When trying to restore a backup in QuickBooks, one might come across the following error on the screen: QuickBooks Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File. This error can be a bit tricky for QuickBooks users to tackle, as it doesn’t allow the user to work on the file, as the previouslysaved data and files may not be able to get restored. Also, the integrity of the company file might gettamperedwith to some extent due to the occurrence of such an error in QuickBooks. This error can be caused due to a handful of factors, which we will be discussing later in this segment. So, if you are interested in finding out the actual causes of such an error in QuickBooks, then make sure to read this post till the end or you can also consult our tech team at +1-844-521-0490 and they will provide you with instant support services.

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    What are the reasons for QuickBooks Restore Failed Error?

    The user can land into such an error in QuickBooks due to the below stated factors. Let us have a look:

    • One of the basic reasons can be if the title of the company file includes special symbols making it difficult for the update to identify it
    • The user can also come across a similar issue if the size of the backup file is less than 6 MB, as it is not the ideal file size to work with
    • Another trigger can be if the company file is found to be corrupted or damaged in some manner
    • Also, if the backup is restored into a storage device such as Flash drive or External hard disk drive which is not plugged in or is corrupted, then the user might land into such an error
    • The user can come across this error if the backup is created in a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop and the user is trying to open it up in an older version, then also, they might be facing the Restore Failed error.
    • Corrupted company file is also a common factor causing this issue in QuickBooks

    Steps to fix Restore Failed Error in QuickBooks

    One can easily eliminate this error by ensuring that the existing company file isn’t overwritten during the restoration process. Whenever we save a file, it is important to ensure that the folder location does not contain any other file with the same name. This ensures that the file doesn’t overwrite itself and hence no issue will occur. It is important to keep the following factors into consideration.

    • While the user is on the window asking for the location to save the file, it is recommended to browse to the standard location for saving the file.
    • If the file name is similar to that of another file, then the user will come across a message that states: The filename exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?
    • After that choose the No option and head further
    • Now, change the name of the file to differential it from the previous file and also to ensure that the original company file doesn’t get overwritten.


    By the end of this post, we believe that the user might be able to tackle out the issue related to the restore failure in QuickBooks. However, if the user is stuck at any point in time, then contacting our tech Quickbooks Professionals support team at +1-844-521-0490 is recommended. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing instant support services. Thus, feel free to connect with us and let our experts help you with the fixation of the error.