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How Do I Know My Number?

  • How Do I Know My Number? It is not always easy to memorize mobile numbers. The challenge is even greater when installing a new chip or if we don't have the old number yet. There are several ways to determine your mobile number if you are not sure.

    You can check it via the mobile app (Android, iOS), areteitech send a text message and call your carrier, or find it on WhatsApp. You can also call the toll free number (0800) to verify your number. This article will show you how!

    How do I find my SIM number?

    You can access your phone system directly to find your mobile number through “Settings” or your contact list. Here are the steps to find your mobile number.

    Android (How to Know My Number)

    • Go to settings”.
    • Tap on “Connections”.
    • Choose the “Chip Management” option.
    • If your smartphone supports dual SIM, you will find more numbers on this page.

    iOS (How to Know My Number)

    • Go to “Phone”.
    • Tap on “Contacts”.
    • Select the “My Card” option at the top of your list.

    This page will highlight your number directly from your settings. You can also consult information about your number from different carriers. 

    You can get your number via SMS, or you can use a code that displays the line's information. Below are some consultation numbers for the main operators in Brazil.