Top 2 Tractors Brands Preet And Swaraj – A Brief Description

  • Preet and Swaraj are trusted tractor brands to offer high-class commercial farming vehicles. These brands provide durable, reliable and high-performing tractor models in India. That is why, Tractor Guru helps you to get complete information about these best-in-class tractors.


    Preet 8049 4WD

    This tractor model is fitted with a 4-cylinder engine and comes with 2200 RPM. It generates a mighty power of 80 HP with the help of 4087 cc engine displacement capacity. Moreover, it has a power steering option with a synchromesh transmission. This Preet tractor provides top-quality farming as it has a 2400 KG of hydraulic lifting capacity. Therefore, this tractor model is an excellent choice for commercial farming needs. Apart from this, it is listed on Tractor Guru at a reasonable price from Rs. 13.10 to 13.90 lakh in India. 


    Swaraj 855 XM

    Designed with advanced technology and a 3-cylinder engine, the Swaraj 855 XM is a reliable tractor model for commercial farming activities. Along with this, its engine produces 1800 RPM and has a large 60 litres fuel tank capacity. Apart from this, its braking system is equipped with oil-immersed brakes to provide higher grip. All these massive features make this Swaraj tractor model a must-have requirement for top farming  performance. Besides, it is available on Tractor Guru at 7.90 to 8.20 lakh in India.


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