Force And Escorts Tractors – To Fulfil Your Farm’s Needs

  • Tractor is an essential farming machine and we can achieve better farming yield from this vehicle. Hence, we are giving a description of two popular and reliable tractor models in India.

    Force Balwan 400

    This is a powerful 40 HP tractor to provide effective fieldwork. It gives 2200 RPM with the help of 1947 CC engine displacement capacity. It has a synchromesh transmission with 8 forward + 4 reverse gears. This Force tractor is excellent for farming activities as it has a 1450 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and 34 HP Power Take-Off. Furthermore, it has a powerful single clutch for smoother gear transitioning. The tractor is fitted with fully oil-immersed multiplate sealed disc brakes. Also, mechanical and power steering options help for better vehicle control. The price of this Force farming vehicle is Rs. 5.20 - 5.35 lakh in India.

    Escorts Steeltrac

    It is a brilliant Escorts tractor model in India which is a recommended choice for small scale farming. It comprises a synchromesh transmission which is made of single clutch and 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. And we can carry out agricultural tasks with ease by the help of 450 KG hydraulic lifting capacity and 9.7 PTO HP. This Escorts tractor is equipped with dry disc brakes and manual steering to have proper and safe driving control. It is priced at Rs. 2.60 - 2.90 lakh in India.


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