Top two Tractor Models For Effective Farm Production

  • Indian farmers favour the Kubota and Sonalika tractor brands above all others. This is due to the fact that it has numerous inventive aspects that are ideal for Indian farming. As a result, it is always at the top of the wish list of Indian farmers.


    There are many Kubota and Sonalika Tractors available in the Indian market. Here we have mentioned the popular Tractor models, with specifications and prices.  


    Models from Kubota and Sonalika Tractors -


    Sonalika Rx 47 Sikander


    Sonalika Rx 47 Sikander is the most recent and modern tractor from Sonalika Tractor. It has cutting-edge technology, which is ideal for modern farming. It is a 50-hp tractor that is suitable for large-scale farming. The tractor has mechanical/power steering, which allows for easy control and quick response. Priced between Rs. 6.60 and Rs. 7.90 lakh* The Sonalika Rx 47 Sikander tractor is affordable for small farmers.


    Kubota MU5502


    The Kubota MU5502 is a magnificent 55-horsepower tractor. This model from the Kubota tractor brand has a reliable engine that is strong and fuel-efficient. Without sacrificing quality, the price of the Kubota MU5502 tractor is reasonable. It offers smooth driving with a side-shift gear lever. It comes with oil-immersed brakes to prevent accidents. The cost of this tractor type ranges from 9.10 to 10.90 lakh*.


    Lastly, these are the two tractor models from the popular brand Sonalika and Kubota, which you must consider before purchasing your next tractor model.