High in demand Tractor Models For Rapid Farm Production 

  • Increasing agricultural productivity has always been one of the critical concerns for farmers throughout the history of agriculture.

    To solve this major problem for the farmers, we have discussed two tractor models from the Powertrac and Eicher Tractor brands.


    Models from Powertrac and Eicher Tractor Brand-


    Powertrac Euro 50


    Powertrac Euro 50 is the tractor for you if you're seeking something extra in your field and want something that combines power, efficiency, and features. Three cylinders, 50 Engine HP, 2200 engine rated RPM, and 2761 CC engine make the tractor model a more effective tractor. The model is the most well-liked among farmers because it is well-known for its dependable engine, fuel efficiency, and lower servicing costs. This Powertrac Tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 6.90 to 7.25 lakhs. 


    Eicher 5150 Super DI


    Eicher 5150 SUPER DI from the Eicher tractor brand includes 50 HP engine power with 3 cylinders and 2500 CC engine capacity, which ensures good mileage on the field. The Eicher 5150 SUPER DI price ranges from Rs. 6.60 - 6.95 lakh. This tractor model is an excellent and powerful tractor with a super attractive design and comes with all the advanced technology for influential work on the farm.


    Lastly, these are the top two tractor models from the tractor brand Powertrac and Eicher, which will help you increase rapid production in your project field.