Top-Notch Tractor Models for Commercial and Agricultural Purpos

  • Force Tractor and Digitrac Tractors are renowned names that have significantly contributed to the agro-industry. Below, we've covered the best models of each brand, including the Force Balwan 500tractor and the Digitrac PP 46i, which deliver outstanding performance and the desired results allowing farmers to work without interruption.


    Tractors from the Brand: New Holland and John Deere


    Force Balwan 500


    One of the popular tractor models, the Force Balwan 500 tractor from the Force tractor brand, is known for its overall performance and reliability. This 2WD model has an engine delivering a total output of 50 HP and is widely used for agricultural and related uses by farmers. Powered by a 4-cylinder engine unit, Force Balwan 500 tractor is priced from Rs. 5.70 - 6.00 lakh.


    Digitrac PP 46i


    This is an excellent tractor fromDigitrac tractorBrand to accomplish all your farming needs. It comes with a 4-cylinder engine to produce 1850 RPM at 50 HP with the help of 3682 CC capacity. In addition, there is a 46 PTO HP with a 2000 Kg lifting capacity to operate the essential farming equipment. Also, the Digitrac PP 46i tractor is installed with oil-immersed disc brakes for high grip and proper safety. The model price ranges from Rs. 6.82 - 7.52 lakh.


    Hence, the models mentioned above are the most potent tractors you should consider buying for your next tractor purchase.