Tractor Models Helping To Generate High Income

  • The tractor industry in India is one of the rapid-growing industries. Every day many tractor models are introduced to make the life of farmers easier. However, different farm needs determine which tractor model is suitable for improved production. Therefore, we are describing two high-quality tractor tyres for better yield. 


    Preet 7549 4WD 


    This Preet tractor is a great choice for efficient farming tasks. It comes with various beneficial features to achieve better quality yield. This tractor is a multipurpose farming tool to help reduce labour and improve cost-efficiency. Moreover, its 75 HorsePower engine helps to deliver the best-in-class power. Apart from this, the Preet tractor brand is known to provide powerful tractor models within the 25 to 100 HP range. However, the price of this tractor is Rs. 11.10 to 11.90 lakh in India. 


    Kubota MU4501 

    It is a powerful tractor, which will benefit an intelligent farmer. This Kubota tractor is a cost-effective one-time investment to boost income from the crop field. Apart from this, the tractor comes from the house of Kubota, which is a reliable farming name. Offering the latest featured tractor models, Kubota ensures that the cost of crop production gets reduced with the use of its machines. Along with such massive features, the price of this Kubota tractor is Rs. 7.54 to 8.82 lakh in India. Hence, this is one of the best-selling tractor models of Kubota. 


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