The NPD Group today reported United States industry sales

  • The NPD Group today reported United States industry sales for Mut 23 coins the month of January 2022. The report revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops II remains the most popular title sold within the region since its release in January. Top five games of the month were the sequels Far Cry 3, Just Dance 4, NBA 2K13 along with Madden NFL 23.

    The reporting period for January 2022 actually lasted five weeks rather than four because of the NPD Group's adhering to the National Retail Federation calendar. The extra week is the result of NPD's retail calendar of 4-5-4 and only occurs each five to six years. Because of the inclusion of the "Leap Week" sales are overinflated to a certain degree. The adjusted sales are shown on the chart below.

    Sales for January totals jumped by 9 percent when measured on a 5-week basis , to $834.7 million, but the figures were "corrected," sales actually fell by 13 percent and reached $667.6 million. Based on NPD Analyst Liam Callahan, this figure does not represent 50 percent of the total expenditure after other sources of revenue are taken into.

    "These numbers represent the latest physical sales in software, hardware and accessories that account for about 50 percent of total spending on games by consumers," he said. "

    When you take into account our preliminary estimate of the sales of other formats during January, such as rentals and used at $141 million and our estimate for digital format sales that include the full game as well as add-on downloads such as microtransactions and mobile apps, subscriptions and the amount of money spent by consumers on games for madden 23 coins cheap social networks with $382 million in total, we expect the total spending of the consumer in January to exceed $1.3 billion."