There are going to be some changes in the sense

  • There are going to wow tbc gold be some changes in the sense that one of our smaller interlude patches, which is basically one of our bug fixing patches, is scheduled to be released. We're planning to have that cap grow more accommodating as your guild rises in level so that the more experienced players have an opportunity to shine down the road.

    The first and most important thing is that Blizzard chief creative officer Chris Metzen confirmed the name of World of Warcraft 's next expansion: Mists of Pandaria. It has an uncanny Asian theme the expansion pack will take place on the brand new continent of Pandaria which introduces the Pandaren and also the monk-like player class. It is the first expansion that is not outdated, will boost the player's level cap to 90. Metzen also confirmed that there would be no new races introduced in this expansion.

    In announcing the game's unveiling, Metzen said that as unlike previous expansions in which both the Alliance and Horde required a united front to fight off threats like The Lich King and Deathwing This expansion will concentrate on the battle among the factions.

    "To provide you with a glimpse of what the coming years are likely to bring for WOW in the near future the real antagonist will be the war in itself,"" the actor said. "Red as well as blue seem poised to take on the world with an intensity which hasn't been witnessed for a long time since World of Warcraft. War is coming and it's not likely to look attractive, unless you're playing a blood-elf. ... The new expansion set takes place in a land that's been lost to history for more than 10,000 years. It's a land of harmony, balance and hope until we come to the present, complete with violence, hatred and conflict between factional factions."

    World of Warcraft 's next expansion wasn't even the only news to be made at the ceremony's opening, as World of Warcraft also received its due in the form Collector's Edition. The box is special edition and will contain game-specific products that are compatible with World of Warcraft, WOW as well as Starcraft II. Additional perks consist of an original artbook as well as the 4GB USB drive that is that is shaped like the shape of a Soulstone. This USB drives are mounted into form in the shape of World of Warcraft 's skull and is equipped by buy WOW TBC Classic Gold World of Warcraft.