It's true that we don't have a retirement chair

  • It's true that Mut 23 coins we don't have a retirement chair, nor any plaques to hang on our wall. But I would anticipate it to last far beyond the 10-year mark. We don't have a sunset date in our minds. We did this for PlayStation 1 because we saw that the development pipeline was shut down pretty quickly during the 9th and 10th years then we turned our focus towards PlayStation 5 at that time.

    From what we've seen on the third-party and first-party games, there's not much of a delays in the amount of games expected. There's a range of 70-80 titles expected within the next couple of years.

    This is pretty impressive, particularly when you consider the titles expected to be released. It's Guitar Hero Metallica, there's Ghostbusters and lots of games that are social: SingStar, Buzz, MLB and Madden. They're all big brands that are still available via PlayStation 5.

    It's a new demographic. When you think about the PS5 present, you'll need to understand the way you used to look at PS5 as it was the an older version of hardware. Early adopters and lots of other users have moved to consoles that are next-gen. The PlayStation 5 consumer now is mostly a low-income or new to the market. It's a feasible market. It's still extremely wealthy.

    In the year that EA Sports president Peter Moore made the announcement of EA Sports Active last year when he announced it would be compatible with the Wii exercise game will work with a variety of real-world equipment. In the last week of this year, world's second largest third-party retailer announced an agreement to launch "a exclusive range of sporting equipment that will bring the thrill of madden nfl 23 coins video game simulation onto the playing fields."