Blizzard tainment's senior vice president of creative

  • Who was wow tbc gold present: Blizzard tainment's senior vice president of creative development Chris Metzen was joined by several members of members of the World of Warcraft manufacturer's licensed partners. They were DC Direct design director Jim Fletcher (action figures), Cryptozoic president and chief creative officer Cory Jones (collectible card games),

    WOW magazine editor-in-chief Marty Cortinas, and Wildstorm and World of Warcraft comic editor Hank Kanalz (comics). Blizzard publishing director Micky Neilson as well as the licensing manager Kat Hunter were also party to the panel. The WOW money train keeps rolling.

    They discussed What they discussed was Selling! Merchandising! Merchandising! Yogurt's famed (infamous?) phrases of Spaceballs were the title of the game played at the World of Warcraft : Epic Loot panel, which was responsible for Blizzard's sole presence during the 2010 Comic-Con held in San Diego today.

    Since comics are the main entertainment medium at the convention, the majority of the discussion was handed to Kanalz. It was revealed that the World of Warcraft comic line has shifted from a weekly publication to a greater emphasis on graphic novels and special miniseries.

    So, Kanalz discussed the first new miniseries that will be focused on buy TBC Classic Gold the Worgen which is a brand new race to be introduced as part of the third expansion of WOW, Cataclysm.