The use of a Rare Crest can give you the chance

  • The use of D2R Items a Rare Crest can give you the chance to obtain a 1 or 2-Star Legendary Gem upon completion of the Elder Rift, while using a Legendary Crest guarantees that the Legendary Gem will appear with a slim chance of getting a 5-Star Legendary Gem. The more crests you slot into the Elder Rift, the more gems you get at the end of the game as an reward.

    There are a few other ways to obtain Legendary Gems. They can be bought (or traded) through other gamers through the Marketplace through Platinum and can also be made using a combination with Runes as well as Platinum. You can make 1and 2-Star Legendary Gems right at the Jeweler.

    Create a random Legendary Gem with the hope of earning a five-star Legendary Gem. You can also utilize Fading Ember at the Fading Ember Merchant to purchase one or 2-Star Legendary Gems. the stock of the merchant fluctuating weekly. Last but not least certain Legendary Gems can even be found inside Battle Pass in the game.

    Due to the fact that they are extremely rare and few 5-Star Legendary Gems currently are available, players will mostly be searching for the upgrade and 2Star Legendary Gems as they come out. The search for and the use of Legendary Gems that synergize with your class and build is key.How can you upgrade Legendary Gems

    To make Legendary Gems even more powerful, you'll want to rank them higher. By doing this, the gem will increase its Combat Rating, Resonance Bonus and its main attributes. At the rank of 3. A different effect of the Legendary Gem is the ability to unlock, while at rank 5 the gem also grants bonus magic find. Legendary Gems can be upgraded to a maximum of rank 10. After that, they can be utilized to "awaken" a Legendary item, giving different additional effects based upon the Legendary item that is being awakened.

    The trouble is that getting ranked up Legendary Gems doesn't come easy. To rank gems higher one must purchase duplicates of the gem, as well as an asset called Gem Power Gem Power, which is generated by breaking down unneeded Legendary Gems. The greater the power of the gem and the higher the rank the greater the number of duplicates and the greater Gem Power that is needed to buy D2R Ladder Items move up the ranks.