EA Sports also dropped a couple of players

  • The Ones to FIFA 23 Coins Watch promo - also called FIFA OTW - marks the introduction of a brand-new FIFA game. EA Sports didn't want to break tradition with FIFA 23 which is especially so in the year that Terminator goal-setter Erling Haaland joins Manchester City and FUT darling Renato Sanches will play up to PSG.

    Here we discuss the way Ones to Watch works in FIFA 23 and which cards will be available during the event, how you can earn some coins and if there are any players who is worthy of being added to your team.

    EA Sports also dropped a couple of players who are available via the Objectives tab in game. New Spurs striker Richarlison is available until October 7th for accomplishing a variety of objectives on the Live FUT Friendlies: Continental Links. AC Milan right-back Sergino Dest is available by completing similar things in Squad Battles (or Rivals) until October 9th.

    Two players were initially removed from the squad-building challenges as well. angel Di Maria has expired already However, you were not missing a match given the Argentinean's difficult beginning on the pitch at The Old Lady (club in chaos, dismissed from Monza).

    Franck Kessie from Serie A but now at Barcelona in LaLiga could be the more interesting option, however it's a bit expensive for what is offered, particularly given the inconsistent form of Barca. Federico Valverde's Player of the Month SBC came out a day after, and is a better location to place any duplicate fodder. It will take the time required to complete it as well.

    How does FIFA 23 Ones to Watch work? Ones to Watch has been changed over the years due to the fact that - whisper it - it was not very great and many of the cards were discarded pretty quickly. The game isn't cheap FUT 23 Coins perfect however it's definitely more enjoyable than it used to be.