A lack of barriers to entry implies that hopefully

  • Immortal just launched, which is D2R Items our big free-to-play mobile game. Immortal will be able to reach large number of players. This includes those 3 billion gamers that may only play mobile. It is also a great way to get that free-to-play mobile application available where they are.

    A lack of barriers to entry implies that hopefully lots of people will be able to play Diablo. Of sure, we'll get Diablo 4 coming really soon and it's just the cherry of the sundae. We're excited for the feeling of returning to the darkness which Diablo 4 represents.

    And Joe to you as Director of Diablo 4it has been a rise in momentum, and now you're next step in the one-two punch of Diablo returning. How has it been to have this job, and how do you handle the adversity of pressure; how do you cope with that?

    Joe Shely: Well, it's been really exciting developing the game and sharing it with the world. Every day I think "Okay I'm not going to discuss the Necromancer. It's not the moment to talk about the Necromancer in the moment." So I'm extremely happy to be able to talk about the Necromancer.

    But it's a really exciting moment for Diablo. The world of Diablo 4 is this vast huge open world. You're creating your own character and entering directly into the world. You're not creating individual games. You're living in this space and you're traveling across it to gain access to the dungeons. It's Diablo the way it's intended for it to be played.

    In relation to the Necromancer clearly a character that now has some legacy to it, however I imagine that a lot of fans are going to be expecting to see something brand new, as opposed to Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items the return of a character. What was the thought procedure for bringing back the Necromancer? Instead of thinking, "Here's something that no one's ever had before?"