'Happy Wheels' on iOS will get a slew of new features in the ne

  • Fancy Force’s brutal physics-based trials game Happy Wheels took the iOS world by storm last week when it appeared on the App Store and swiftly soared up to the top spot in the free games chart. Happy Wheels was originally introduced as a Flash game way back in 2010 and has expanded by leaps and bounds in the years following. With a cast of ludicrous playable characters and vehicles, as well as a community-driven level-creator that has over 6 million user-created levels, Happy Wheels has been a great hit in the world of browser games. My ignorance of its existence until its appearance on iOS just a week ago has made me feel somewhat foolish. Hey, I’m elderly, I don’t know what these wild kids are onto nowadays.

    You might have noticed that the iOS version of Happy Wheels is severely deficient in content compared to its elder sister if you were a big fan of the internet version. Fortunately, according to a post by Jim Bonacci on the game's official website TotalJerkface.com, the stripped-down iOS version of Happy Wheels was completely planned. For the sole aim of getting the game accepted into the App Store and gauging how well it was received, Bonacci purposefully uploaded what he believed to be the game's safest version. This is what Bonacci had to say about it:

    No user-level browser, as you may have noticed. In addition, the 15 levels we gave only allow the use of a single character. Because getting Happy Wheels accepted into the Apple App Store was the most critical first step, the game was distributed in this manner. The Segway guy is likely the friendliest and most manageable of all the original characters. The first thing I didn't want the people judging the game to see was an irresponsible father and his son explode after being crushed under a van.

    Besides violence, Bonacci was also worried about the level editor and the prospect that user-created levels may feature something that violates Apple’s requirements. I don't know, like penises. Of course, this isn't the first time a developer has expressed concern in this manner. A game's long-term popularity can rest on user-generated content, as Geometry Dash ($1.99) has shown. It feels like that’s the case with Happy Wheels too, so it’s wonderful that more material is set to hit the iOS version.

    Bonacci also realizes that as the current top free game, a whole new audience is getting to know Happy Wheels for the first time. On that topic he states: “I know there are a lot of new casual players who have never seen the game before, and I’d like them all to know, preferably as quickly as possible, that there is a lot more that they haven’t seen. As soon as we have some high-quality content for other characters, we'll release "featured" levels for them. So there you have it, direct from the horse’s mouth. Happy Wheels on iOS has major things coming, so give it a download and keep your eye on the Updates button in the App Store in the coming months.