• In the recent times, India has emerged to be one of the hot destinations for the call centres in India. Well, the success credited to the BPO industries is all due to the fact that India has large availability of resources; with hard- working and diligent efforts put in by skilled people. Further, it's a fact that the India Is full of well-educated Indians, as there is humungous amount of people who have been graduated in technology and commerce. This has made the BPO industry earn a great position in the country while also offering employment opportunities to many youths.

    Adding to this fact, the demographics also favors India majorly as the country has a very young population where more than 70% people are under 30. The demographics of India, by having a young labor force has conspired to bring a revolutionary change in the call center services in India by giving the best performance.

    The BPO market in India:

    According to the estimates, the business are increasingly adopting the outbound sales call center by applicant their services and produced through the outsourcing industries. As the business keeps evolving itself with change in the business demand, the companies are increasingly outsourcing the applications to take the help of BPO in India to gain the competitiveness in the market place.

    Further, one of the main reasons the BPO industries are growing at a very fast pace is all due to the achieving effective communications with their clients and customers. In today's competitive market, for a business to succeed, one needs to establish a strong bond with the customers as well as the clients. BPO industries help to give an easy solution in a timely manner, by solving all the queries and aiming to build the trust. However, an effective communication is required in every stage to avoid the system failures and to provide recovery and backup facilities to the business.

    BPO are gaining importance due to the factors:

    • Economy of scale
    • Factor cost advantage
    • Business risk mitigation
    • Utilization improvement
    • Superior competency

    With this, some of the other services offered by the outbound sales call center are technical support services, customer support services, insurance processing and telemarketing series. Though, the BPO's have become one of the important sectors for all the industries and business worldwide from since a long time. With this, the BPO' in India have cur-rated with an employment opportunities and solutions for the business to outsource their services for their customers.

    India's role for the outbound call center outsourcing: