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  • "Look! The menus are a fresh colour!", said nobody. Flashy new in-stadium stickers, color schemes and comment pairings are not going to cut it this year. The Career Mode team have had enough, and they demand EA Sports pull out a finger and begin delivering the single-player package everybody deserves. Can FIFA 23 Coins finally be the year? Maybe/maybe not, but EA are dedicating time to the mode and making a few changes.

    They released a'Pitch Notes' blog article detailing each of the various developments long-suffering managers may expect to see when they wearily fire up the brand new game, pick'New Career' then ignore'Player Career' in favour of donning the suit in dugouts across the land.

    Changed days? Perhaps...Right off the bat, here is a winner. Global management hasn't been fun in FIFA's Career Mode yet. It's a grind through endless friendlies culminating in lifeless tournament that luck the punchy demonstration seen on the national side of things.

    Thankfully, EA have suddenly realised just how irritating that is and gave gamers the chance to turn off international job offers before beginning a new game. This will come in handy for anyone who isn't interested in pulling double duty, and it ought to make inboxes less cluttered with messages that are unread. The next logical step would be including some sort of clever filter. That's unrealistic, and FIFA desires more realism. This is a beginning.

    If you have been tired or visiting that one couch area for transfer negotiations or sitting at the manager's office for contract discussions, then rejoice. FIFA 23 will offer two new locations for these cut scenes. That will ease some fears that these scenes are becoming skippable now everyone's seen them a few times. Your eyes will get something new to look at, at least. EA are interested in"diversifying" the discussions package, and that's why they have added the'Rooftop Lounge' and'Restaurant' locales into the list of possible places your supervisor could be talking cash with clubs and players.

    Perhaps somebody will craft some sort of DLC that will let evil managers eject unwilling would-be signings through the nearest window. Maybe not. That is a bit overly far-fetched, so everyone will have to make do with some new eye candy.The above screenshot is from FIFA 22. The team in question are also in Europe, which throws up quite the problem. Fixture congestion, particularly in leagues like the Championship (46 gruelling matches extended ) was a major issue this past year. It's a thing of the past.

    New bug fixes will see FIFA 23's algorithms properly plan ahead when players are successful and stay in each cup contest going. The winter break will be more in-tune with actual footy, and FA Cup 5th Round replays have been abolished in-game too. Consequently, if you chance to win the FA Cup on your very first time and qualify for Europe but don't gain promotion rest assured that you won't be punished.

    To the way player potential was treated EA received a lot of criticism. Frequently, it did not make sense, with players going out on loan and coming back without so much as obtaining a point. Others players, abruptly became crap overnight simply because they had celebrated their 32nd birthday. Must have been a party. Now,'Dynamic Player Possible' will govern players old and young improve or decline. A increase for the second one will rewards young strikers who bag a slew of goals in their first period. Because they happen to be nearing the end of the FUT 23 buy Coins, pros who manage to keep pace with the requirements of first team football wo become naff.