Although QB and Madden 23 coins pay are increasing rapidly

  • Although QB and Madden 23 coins pay are increasing rapidly, the cap on salary has not kept up. Over the past four years, the cap has only increased by $20 million. Positional salaries have been increasing, especially on offense.

    This means that , unless there's significant cap relief before 2023. allowing teams to invest more (something owners will likely not want to do since it takes the profits of their business) Teams will need to decide whether they'd prefer to pay the best quarterback or an elite receiver, since they likely cannot afford both. Players deserve to get paid and they'll find someone who will pay them, whether or not that is a way to compete for a championship or not.

    The most interesting aspect to all this is when we analyze how effective the young receivers have become in recent years. Madden NFL 23 defenses are so similar to the college game of modern football that the idea of a slow onboarding process or the typical 1-2 year building up to becoming a top receiver , is no longer the case. Justin Jefferson broke the Madden NFL 23's rookie receiving record in 2020. However, it was surpassed in the hands of Ja'Marr. In fact 11 of Madden NFL's most valuable 25 receivers by length were on rookie contracts in 2021.

    Therefore, while we'll witness contracts increase at the position that has well-known talent, we could also see a churn begin at the position, especially when it comes to the top teams, just like what we've seen on the running back -- but with different motives. The general consensus is that top-tier teams no longer contract rushers with huge extensions, instead they let them walk away from their initial contracts and search for another. It's a ludicrous system created to take into account running backs who are unable to perform and becoming more prone to injury. It's possible to see that in receivers, too, but rather, teams let them leave due to the upcoming pay day.

    In turn this will place an even greater burden upon scouting organizations to locate Madden NFL 23-ready receivers immediately which allows teams to maximise their output with low-cost and subsidized rookie contractsafter which they can move ahead.

    Although it's very likely that we'd see these contracts increase on their own There's no doubt the Jacksonville signing of Christian Kirk expedited the process. Players who would have accepted contracts of $80-90 million are now looking for 120-140M. The annual cost is increasing from $15M and is now at around $30 million. There is no doubt that the representatives of both Davante and Tyreek Hill were aware of Kirk's contract when negotiating their new contracts. As they did, that both Green Bay and Kansas City are not as strong as they used to be because of.

    This new norm isn't something the Buy Madden 23 coins was prepared for, and it's sure be interesting to see how it plays out over the next 2-3 years.