What is the Pear Cut Diamond ? And Its Uses


    Pear cut diamonds, also known as tear drop diamonds, have a very unique shape. It is a perfect combination of two most beautiful diamonds, the oval cut diamond and the marquise cut diamond. The first thing that catches one’s eye is its shape. Its one end is rounded while the other is pointed end. It has the perfect sparkle that one is looking for that comes from a perfect blend of fire and brilliance.A flawless, colorless and an ideal pear cut can win any heart. 


    Why to choose a Pear Cut Diamond?


    • Pear cuts come in a variety of ranges. Some diamonds are slim while others are wider. It gives the customer the option to choose what beautifies them more.
    • Of course while talking about the features the one thing that is a must mention is its shape that attracts everyone.
    •  For some customers a teardrop diamond is a symbol of love. 
    • This unique shape not only makes it suitable for a wedding ring or an engagement ring but this perfect piece of beauty is also an amazing choice for earrings. 
    • They are lesser in cost in comparison to other symmetrical options available in the market that makes them a perfect budget option.

    Pear Cut Diamonds & Pear Shaped Diamonds in Dallas | Aura Diamonds

    What makes a perfect pear cut diamond?


    When looking for pear cut diamond, there are some points that should be checked on priority.


    • Table % of 52% or above and upto 63% is considered good while 52-63% are the finest ones.
    • Depth is also a major check on and while talking about pear diamond 53 and above upto 62 and considered best.

    This finest piece of jewelry can make anyone feel special and a perfect pear diamond can help you win one’s soul. This perfect symbol of love is a beauty that creates a place in one’s heart at the very first moment one sees it. 


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