Princess Cut Diamond: The Most Loved Diamond

  • Princess Cut Diamonds are mostly seen in engagement rings. Now what makes them the princess cut? It’s the beautiful design that wins every heart. The design is so magnificent that no woman can deny a princess cut. The look from above is more like a square or a rectangle while when looked from the side angle it looks like an inverted pyramid. With beautiful sides and a perfect heart winning design, this style is the third most popular diamond in the world. 


    Princess cuts are made for the one who is looking for some options of Diamond Ring other than the regular and common round diamond. With a perfect brilliance and with a maximum return of white light this cut is the most loved diamond by womens.  Let’s know some more advantages of this beautiful diamond.


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    Princess Cut Diamond Advantages

    • Due to the unique design the diamond has, it looks bigger in size.
    • The modern but classic design makes it the perfect choice for your engagement ring.
    • The cut looks brilliant and bigger while you have to pay less. That means you can get your unique, trendy and amazing engagement ring in your budget.
    • While choosing the princess cut diamond, the must checks are cut, color, clarity and carat.


    If you are willing to buy some Princess Diamond, Alert! You are bringing more love and of course a princess to your home. This beautiful diamond doesn't need to be introduced because when a princess cut is worn, it is the introduction itself.


    If you want to know more about diamond cut, carat, color or any other query, you can visit Shiv Shambu. We are willing to assist  to find a perfect princess cut for you.