Know All About Diamond And Its Quality Factors

  • To know better about diamonds, we must go back to our roots. What is a diamond? What makes it so valuable? Why is it the most loved one in the entire mineral kingdom and probably the most precious one too?


    Diamond is the purest form of carbon with up to 99.95 % of carbon composition and also the hardest known substance and the most popular gemstone. It has many beneficial uses in the industrial sector but what comes to mind when we think of diamonds? Of course, it is sparkling diamonds used in jewelry. For centuries, diamonds have been known to enhance looks and beauty and to convey the love message to our beloved ones. No matter if it’s the engagement ring or the surprise valentine's gift, diamonds are always the first choice and the best option.

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    Diamond Quality Factors

    We as humans have upgraded this strongest mineral into the gemstone king. Here is what we have to look for when we are looking for a perfect diamond for Wedding Ring.


      • Color - colors are great but when it comes to diamonds, they need to be colorless to be excellent. Less color gets the diamond higher grades which means more quality and price. 
      • Cut - how well a diamond is cut is a very important part. A perfect cut decides the amount of light reflected back. A diamond that plays well with light is an excellent diamond.
      • Clarity - when we think of a Diamondwe imagine a crystal clear one with all its facets sparkling well without any blemishes. Clarity is an important factor and this must be checked while choosing a diamond.
      • Carat - larger diamonds with the same quality are in more demand. The carat weight must be chosen wisely according to budget and preference.


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