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What is Elongated Emerald Cut Diamond?

  • Before knowing about the elongated ones, we first have to know about emerald cut diamonds. Emeralds are beautiful diamonds step cut with perfection creating a perfect symmetrical view from all sides. Emeralds are square or rectangular in shape. When we talk about elongated emerald cut diamonds, the word elongated defines very well their length is increased to make them look bigger. 


    You can make your engagement or wedding ring or your valentine’s ring look more attractive and beautiful with a bigger emerald. The elongated cut emeralds have a larger surface area and they catch more light hence reflecting more light back to the eyes of the viewer making it more sparkling and eye-catching.

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    Elongated Emerald Diamond Price

    One question that hits everyone’s mind is, are Elongated Emeralddiamondcuts expensive? The answer is, that it still depends on the color, clarity, carat, and cut of the diamond you choose but they are budget-friendly when compared to other options. So if you are looking for some budget options with a bigger stone in your engagement ring, you can choose an elongated emerald cut diamond stone. It can be a budget-friendly option that helps you get more attention and yes it looks unique and bigger.


    The next question that may strike your mind is, are they easily available in the market? The answer is in its uniqueness. The unique diamonds are not easy to find. It depends on how long you want your diamond to be.


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