Cushion Diamond: Complete Information And Its Uses

  • Cushion diamonds, classic beauty with unique design. They have been known for years for the fire and colors they deliver. They are flashy, sparkling, beautiful diamonds with round edges and a perfect square design. You can customize your cushion to be more lengthy or rectangular in shape. They look perfect in an engagement ring.

    Blast from the Past: Cushion-Cut Diamond Earrings -

    They are the women's favorite cushions. It delivers the best color with its perfectly trimmed beautiful surface and the fire it offers cannot be found in any of the other diamonds. For centuries the cushion diamond is the most loved one when it comes to a mesmerizing engagement ring diamond and it will be in style forever. It is the perfect blend of classic old diamond cut with a perfect essence of modern style.


    • With up to 64 facets, the cushion diamonds deliver the best color and fire. It is one of a kind. This style is very well known for its sparkling facets, fire, and color it offers.


    • They come in different length-to-width ratios, which means you have a variety of options. Whether you want your diamond to look bigger or a medium-sized diamond that looks cute and amazing, the cushions do it well. 


    • Cushion with table % and depth % under 69.95% are considered to be the best.


    • They come in a wide variety that helps you find a perfect budget diamond for your engagement ring or wedding ring.


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