Get The Best Of Night Experience At Tape London & Cuckoo London

  • Fans of music should visit Tape London. Here, the music never ends. Get ready for the most thrilling adventure of your life if you make a reservation through our VIP Tables London reservation service. It is a popular hangout for celebrities in London's Mayfair district. Of all the London nightclubs, Tape Club hosts the most celebrity performances. It has a full-size concert stage and seating for 250 people. It has a full bar with a variety of offerings.

    What Draws People to London's Tape Club?

    Famous musicians like Afrojack, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Cardi B, and Drake, to name a few, have performed at Tape London. The club provides private club hire for any events. On the other hand, it hosts on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

    Tape hosts #TapeTuesday every Tuesday. Only hip-hop is played at the club. It offers the most exclusive and diverse crowd and a stylish party experience. An innovative and cutting-edge concept for music lovers and partygoers alike is Tape's #mixtapefriday. Reputable DJs spin music on Mixtape Friday, and Tape invites the biggest musicians to play at their venue. Takeover Saturday is intended for its ardent followers. Here, you can expect a truly open format set, unexpected performers & partygoers, and spontaneous shows.

    What are Entrance Conditions?

    You must be 18 or above to enter the Tape London club. The dress code for men at Tape London is less strict, but they are expected to be well-dressed. Ladies' wear, is expected to be stylish, smart, gorgeous, chic, and modern. You must also have valid Identification before entering through the door. If any of the above conditions are not met by you then it may result in your entry being denied.

    Cuckoo London Club

    The Cuckoo Club is one of London’s best nightclubs. It is located in the extravagant section of Mayfair in line with other famous hotels, restaurants, and clubs like The Mayfair, The Ritz, Novikov, Wyld, etc; It is known for being the longest-standing nightclub in London since its inception in 2006. Throughout these 16 years, it has hosted a variety of celebrities and supermodels. The club is Spread over 5000 sq. ft and includes two floors. Designed by famous designer Barbara Hulanicki, Cuckoo has a very sophisticated look. 

    The Cuckoo club is divided into two floors and has a stylish setting with a ground-floor bar and club, also known as "Cosmos." As for the name, it was inspired by the universe and constellations. The pink and purple led lights on the ceiling give you the impression that you are in the middle of the universe. Not only can you get a sense of the cosmos here, but you can also eat a Mediterranean meal. And on the basement floor, as you descend the staircase, you enter a different world, also known as "The Garden." Get your Cuckoo London table booking with the best experience with our VIP Tables London service.