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What should be paid attention to when having sex with love doll

  • Not all dolls have had sex with women. Many men enjoy adult sex dolls as life partners, sleeping partners or models. A beautiful love dolls comes in handy when you're not talking about sex and masturbation skills are getting worse.

    comfortable place
    Choose a safe place to get up close and personal with your love dolls. Soft surfaces like mattresses or large sofas are ideal. Sex on the floor sounds hot. Remember to clean the floor and don't leave the doll on the floor for too long. She might get a flat ass. With a silicone love dolls, you can try shower or bath sex. We do not recommend playing in water with TPE love dolls.

    comfortable posture
    Love doll can pose in various poses. You can try many sex positions with her. The most popular pose is dog crawl: hips up, down and knees. The buttocks are usually much tighter than the vagina, and the canal wraps around your penis better. Or, crouch on a table or couch for a quickie while she's standing up. Small butts and jiggly butts are so much fun! It will satisfy visually and sexually. Cowgirl pose is also recommended if your sex doll is a big girl.

    good hygiene
    Many love dolls owners choose removable vaginas because sex is important to them. The opening mimics a real vagina with the correct texture and grip. It's a water-based lube and cleanup is super easy. If your custom sexdolls has a built-in vagina, you can use a condom to make cleaning less of a hassle.
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