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A new anesthetic pofol is characterized

  • A new anesthetic pofol is characterized by predominantly hypnotic effect; it is a pharmacological analog of a well-known drug diprivan (propofol). The drug was used in 60 anesthesias for bronchoscopic manipulations and cardiosurgical operations. Its effects on hemodynamics, gas exchange, and reactions during induction and after anesthesia were evaluated. The present findings and results of previous clinical trials of diprivan indicate identity of pofol and diprivan. Clinical course of induction and anesthesia and hemodynamic reactions and effects on the respiratory system of patients were virtually the same. Pofol is well tolerated by the patients, its allergenic activity is low, it is rapidly metabolized and causes virtually no side effects. Positive results of clinical trials of pofol recommend it for clinical use.
    Pofol is propofol, the modern anesthetic agent known as TIVA (Total Intravenous Anesthesia) containing 200mg propofol in 20ml which is a sterile oil-in-water emulsion made for IV injection. Pofol is a short acting IV anesthesia agent inducing smooth and rapid anesthesia within one arm-brain circulation (approx 30 sec.)
    Pofol 200 mg/20 ml is a sedative-hypnotic agent for use in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia or sedation. Intravenous injection of a therapeutic dose of Pofol 200 mg/20 ml produces hypnosis rapidly with minimal excitation, usually within 40 seconds from the start of an injection (the time for one arm-brain circulation). The action of Pofol 200 mg/20 ml involves a positive modulation of the inhibitory function of the neurotransmitter gama-aminobutyric acid (GABA) through GABA-A receptors.
    Pofol Injection is a general anesthetic. It is used in major surgical procedures. It allows the procedures to be carried out without pain and distress. This injection is used in a hospital setting only.

    Pofol Injection causes loss of consciousness which is reversible. It is administered under the supervision of a doctor or a nurse. U=You should not self-administer this medicine at home.

    The most common side effects include headache, vomiting, and nausea. This Pofol Injection is safe to use in pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers, patients of liver and kidney disease. Inform your doctor if you are on any medications or have any known allergy to this medicine before the start of the procedure.

    It is not advised to consume alcohol after you have been administered. Driving should not be done as this medicine may cause sleepiness and may impair your ability to think or react. It is also advised not to operate machinery because of these effects.
    Pofol Injection is a general anesthetic agent. It works by causing loss of consciousness for a certain duration of time. This helps to carry out major surgical procedures without causing pain or discomfort to the patient. It is given as an injection by a specialist doctor called an anesthetist in a hospital setup.